A Glimpse Into Techathon’16

A Glimpse Into Techathon’16

Technology! It is progressing rapidly. Every day, a new device, a new software, or a new app pops up that provides functionality that previously, was only dreamt of. Now, this progress is not spontaneous. At the center of it, are people, like you and me, who are working hard to make our lives safer and easier every day. The o
nly thing that differs those people from regular folks is their skill set. These people are armed with the most high-tech skills and cutting edge technology, which enables them to invent such devices which leave us in awe. Although, this skillset could be learned by anyone, but unfortunately, the number of professionals in the field of technology is quite low. One specific field that is related to technology is the wonderful field of robotics. Yes, those machines that do what you order them? You can easily build them provided you have the right expertise, and some motivation. The experience is not only enjoyable, but liberating!

IEEE is at the forefront of today’s technology boom. It will not be wrong to say that the professionals linked with IEEE worked hard and long to make sure that field of technology reaches where it is today. In regard to this, IEEE also reached out to the students studying in different institutions, and tried their best to instill in them the love of technology, and computers, so that they may also play a part in the progress of this lustrous field, and they did.

IEEE NCS is the one of the leading societies of NED, and is among the top rankings in the field of computers. It is extremely active and well organized. It holds several workshops, lectures, competitions, etc. The biggest of the competitions is the annual ‘Techathon’. It brings computer and technology enthusiasts from all over Karachi, to showcase their skills, and compete in different competitions to win some attractive prizes. This not only cultivates their interest in the field of technology, but also gives them a chance to enhance their skills, and gives them a sense of achievement.

A big part of the IEEE Techathon event is the Annual Tech Drive in different schools and colleges of Karachi, to spread awareness about the field of technology in the students, and giving them some skills to help cultivate their interest.

            This event is organized and arranged by the IEEE student body, under the expert supervision of Sir Muhammad Nabeel. The members visit different schools and colleges, and give presentations and lectures on the importance of technology in general, and robotics in particular. Afterwards, a session is held where the students are taught to build simple robots, which not only enhances their interest, but also gives them a sense of empowerment, which further fuels their interest.

Students do not only have fun while making their own robots with experienced persons, but they also develop a thinking and understanding that a technologist requires. Developing a robot requires knowledge of both the hardware, and the software. Although some details may be quite above the understanding of the students, the IEEE-NCS Members try their best to give as much knowledge as possible to the students, and clear their each and every query.

This drive is one of the most integral parts of the IEEE-NCS Techathon event. Students are warm, and the feedback by the schools and colleges is overwhelmingly positive. Every year, NCS members try to visit as many educational institutes as possible.

This Tech Drive was initiated by Sir Muhammad Nabeel, a teacher at NED and founder of EDVON, a robotics education organization. EDVON specializes in training both the students and the teachers in the field of robotics, and to impart education related to the interactive field of robotics. It has produced several professionals that have their expertise in robotics, and are now teaching in several institutions.

He shared the idea with the Core Team of the IEEE-NCS, and since then every year it has become one of the most important ceremonies before the main IEEE-Techathon event.

The philosophy behind this Drive, is that students at the Secondary and Intermediate level face difficulty deciding their future path, and their eventual careers. This initiative, by introducing them to the exciting field of technology, provides them with numerous opportunities, and some skills, so that they may be better tooled in making the decision for their future career. Furthermore, not a single rupee is charged by any of the bodies involved.

After this Drive, when the students become skilled in building their own robots, they are encouraged to participate in the events held in Techathon, for example Robo-War, or Robotics Exhibition, to exhibit their challenging work, and even win some attractive prices. Students in the previous years have not only participated, but won magnificently.

Technology is the future, and it’s the next generation that will really play the part in developing such systems – hardware and software that will eventually make this world a better place, all the while leaving us in awe!

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